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Welcome to the Shoo Shoo Baby Women's Fashion Boutique blog. We will be sharing seasonal trends, special deals and other unique information.

Getting Your Closet and Wardrobe Ready for Spring

Cold winter months are the perfect time to get your wardrobe and closet ready for Spring! If you take an honest look at your closet, how many of those shirts, jackets, sweaters or dresses have you worn in the last 18 months? Many experts suggest getting rid of clothing that you have not worn for a year. At our boutique, we recommend 18 months, since our Bloomington, Illinois and Central Illinois weather can be varied. Some of your clothing items can be very weather specific. For example, I have a dress in my closet that is fall colors but is lightweight fabric. That dress sat in my closet for two years, until I wore it because I had to have the perfect weather.

Getting rid of unworn items can be a great and freeing feeling! It helps make room for new and fresh styles that are on trend, that you love and that you will wear. Below are a few suggestions on how to start the process of getting your closet Spring ready:

  • Start by going through and pulling items that are "easy" to weed out. These are the items that you don't like the way you feel in them, so instead you keep passing them over.
  • Once you have weeded out the easy ones, now it is time to be really honest! Maybe you have been holding onto an item because you paid a lot for it, but decided you didn't like it, or maybe it's a little too tight. Whatever the reason, if you haven't worn it for 18 months we would recommend letting it go, and making space for a great new dress, sweater, or jacket that you will love!
  • If you aren't sure what items you are wearing and what you should keep, try starting out the year turning all of your hangers backward. Once you have worn the item, turn that hanger the normal way. After 18 months you can review what you truly wore and can help make the process easier. 

At Shoo Shoo Baby Women's Fashion Boutique we love keeping up with the latest trends. We understand the excitement of when you first purchase an item and are so excited to hang it in your closet and wear it. We also understand that the longer a new item hangs in your closet, the less excited you become. Get rid of those items today, and visit our boutique to find their replacements!

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